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In memory of our dear friend and fellow musician Ray Deter

Tennessee Osmosis played various clubs, pubs and colleges during the mid-seventies. The band consisted of a banjo, two guitars, fiddle and acoustic bass - in addition to two, three and four part vocal harmonies. Their repertoire included some traditional bluegrass music but they also did songs by the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Byrds, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead and even the Monkees, in an all acoustical bluegrass style. In addition they did some original songs written by banjoist Greg Stier. They were invited to play at the infamous "STOMPIN' 76" music festival in Virginia. They also opened for such acts as Tom Chapin, Papa John Creach and Dickie Betts.
The November 1977 issue of New Jersey Monthly Magazine said about Tennessee Osmosis,
"By the time bluegrass filters up to New Jersey, it becomes newgrass - that's old-time stuff with a whiff of some other type of grass to make it uphome as well as downhome. These pickers are among its best practitioners."

The Band

Greg Stier - banjo, lead & backing vocals
Paul Haluko - guitar, lead & backing vocals
Ray Deter - guitar
Howie Waldman - bass, backing vocals
Chuck Riordon - fiddle, backing vocals